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The Three Rivers Eatery and Brewhouse was established in 1997 by John Silva, Bob and Cindy Beckley in Farmington, New Mexico. The restaurant and brewery is located in downtown Farmington, on 101 East Main Street. It was formerly called the Andrews Building, and was built and opened in 1912. It was built to house The Farmington Drug Store and drugstoreThe Farmington Times-Hustler Newspaper (now The Daily Times), which became the longest standing drugstore and fountain in New Mexico.

The unique decor consists mostly of priceless items found in the building during the renovation. Three Rivers believes in preserving their historical heritage of downtown Farmington. The restaurant was expanded in July, 1999. The addition includes an outdoor private patio, a bar, and the largest beer label and beer coaster collection in New Mexico. The restaurant has occupancy to provide for large party dining and special private parties. We also sell t-shirts, caps and 1/2 gallon jugs of all our brews.

In 2003, the 3RB Tap & Game Room was opened a few doors down. The same historic decor was continued with the original wood floors and painted tin ceiling. The Tap Room offers Pool, Darts, Shuffleboard and a patio outback. Since the opening of the Tap Room the two buildings in between have been acquired as a Banquet Room for fully catered private parties and a traditional Pizzaria where you can find delicious pizza, calzones & subs made with fresh cultured yeast dough.

There is certainly a lot of history here at Three Rivers & a very bright future to add to it!


Did you know?

* The Beer Label collection that adorns the walls of the Eatery & Tap Room, was donated by Henry and Margie Glosser in 1999. There are more than 600 labels with no duplicates. This represents more than 50 years of collecting and is one of the largest collections anywhere. Also included in this wonderful donation was a noteable collection of beer coasters that you will find displayed on some ceiling areas.Beer Lable Collection

* The Andrews Building that 3 Rivers Brewery and Eatery occupies was built in 1912 and for most of the 20th century was known as Farmington Drug Store. The upstairs housed the Farmington Hustler Newspaper for many years. The Farmington Hustler later became known as the Farmington Daily Times.

* The Eatery makes everything fresh! Thats right, nothing comes out of a can. The soups and sauces are made with pure ingredients from the start. We feel this is the best way to create quality and consistency for our customers.

* The pizzaria also uses only the best ingredients. Starting with yeast for our dough, its grown from our own Papa Bears Golden Honey Ale. We also use Imported Italian Flour and Stanislaus Tomatoes along with other fresh toppings, hot brick ovens, homemade beer, Root Beer & Cream Soda. All of this means one of the best pizzas you can enjoy! 

* There is an unknown number of 3’s and ball bearings hidden throughout the Pizzaria?

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