Brandon Beard

Brandon was 19 when started working at 3RB 2005 as a dishwasher. He soon moved up to linecook then kitchen manager. His passion for beer grew quickly. He was always bothering the brewers with questions about styles and flavor profiles. He soon left the kitchen to help open 3RP in 2009.
He started home brewing about the same time. He soon realized that he to make brewing his profession. Brandon started working in the brewhouse in 2011 as a cellerman later that year he was made assistant brewer.
In January 2014 was named head brewer. Since that time ever he has dedicated all of his time to purfecting the craft of making beer. Brandons next adventure is about to start, he is going to be the master distiller when Three Rivers Spirits gets off the ground. He has a passion to please your taste buds so come see what he has done for you