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Tapas Menu



Salt & Vinigar $5

Truffle $6


Panini of the Day

 Chefs choice, served with house chips.


Nicoise Tapenade

 Nicoise olive puree with chevre cream served on toast.


Cast Iron Kobe Coulotte

 Kobe Coulotte (Lean cap off top butt sirloin), seared in a cast iron pan then sliced and garnished with Escarole and Persillade sauce.


Duck Confit Tartine

 Maple Leaf duck leg and thigh slow braised in duck fat served on a house raisin bread with Taleggio cheese, currents, wild baby arugula and peppered vanilla oil. 


Pork Belly Confit Corn Dogs

Pork belly braised in duck fat, freshly corn battered, garnished with house beer mustard and radicchio. 



House corned beef, Mornay sauce and sauerkraut hand breaded with panko bread crumbs and caraway seeds.

Served with Russian dressing.


Frisee aux Lardon

 (Free-say -O- Lard-On)

A Frisee salad with our house smoked honey pork belly, soft egg, and a Dijon vinaigrette.


Cacio e Pepe


Linguine tossed with Asiago cheese, and fresh cracked black pepper.


Charcuterie Board

Pick any number of meats or cheeses for $5 Each

Charcuterie Board


Port Salut

 Mild, semi-soft, French cheese, cow’s milk from Pays de la Loire, France.



 Italian cheese medium soft, rind washed, cow’s milk.


Saint Andre Brie

 French triple cream brie cheese, soft buttery texture, cow’s milk.


Corazon de Ronda Manchego

 Spanish semi-soft sheep’s milk cheese nutty with a smooth texture.


Kerrygold Dubliner with Stout

 Irish robust hard cheese, nutty, to sharp, to sweet, cow’s milk.


Salame Piccante

 Dry cured, spicy pork salame



 Salt dry cured beef eye round with telicherry pepper.



 4 chile blend cured spicy spreadable pork salumi..


Beef Sopressata

 Dry cured medium grind beef salame with crushed pepper.



 Dry cured pork tenderloin with juniper and fennel.


House Cocktails

Entropy Vodka Cocktails 

Rose Mule $9

Entropy Vodka, lime juice, grapefruit juice, house ginger beer.

3 Hail Marys $8

Entropy Vodka, housemade Bloody Mary mix.

Ask for it GRAND if you dare.

Happy Ending $8

Entropy Vodka, housemade Asian Bloody Mary mix.

Ask for it GRAND if you dare.

3RB Cosmo $9

Entropy Vodka, Triple-sec, you choose the fruit.

Bootleggin’ Rhubarb  $8

Entropy Vodka, rhubarb simple syrup, fresh basil, bruleed rhubarb. 

The Volstead Act $9

Entropy Vodka, fresh mint, fresh lime juice, house cranberry juice, soda water.


Blackstrap White & Spiced Rum Cocktails

The High Flyer $8

Blackstrap Spiced Rum, house made cranberry juice, Red Apple Flyer Cider.

Dark & Stormy $8

Blackstrap Spiced Rum, fresh lime juice, house made ginger beer.

Perfect Storm  $9

Blackstrap Spiced Rum, fresh lime juice, egg white, ginger simple syrup, house made ginger beer, house bitters.

3RB Mojito $8

Blackstrap White Rum, fresh mint, simple syrup, soda water. (add fruit if you would like)

Hemingway Daiquiri $9

Blackstrap White Rum, simple syrup fresh lime juice, fresh grapefruit juice, cherry juice.

Fox Hole Whisky Cocktails

The FDR $8

Fox Hole Whisky, Triple-sec, agave nectar, fresh lime juice.

Dirty Foxhole $9

Fox Hole Whisky, ginger simple syrup, Red Apple Flyer Cider.

Caught Red Handed $8

Fox Hole Whisky, fresh raspberries, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, thyme.

The Prohibition  $9

Fox Hole Whisky, fresh blackberries, orange slice, walnut-vanilla simple syrup, house bitters.

The Foxy Foxy $8

Fox Hole Whisky, lavender-vanilla simple syrup, fresh lime juice, house ginger beer.


Gladys Gin Cocktails

Apparition  $9

Gladys Gin, ginger simple syrup, fresh lemon juice.

Gladys Knight & the Pims $9

Gladys Gin, cherries, fresh orange juice, house bitters.

The Snoop $7

Gladys Gin, fresh orange juice, fresh grapefruit juice.

Booze Hound $9

Gladys Gin, grapefruit simple syrup, fresh mint, IPA

Gin Blossom $8

Gladys Gin, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, house ginger beer.

Wicked Pissahrissa $8

Gladys Gin, honey simple syrup, fresh lemon juice


Wine List 

All of the wines we offer are 90 point or higher wines

Llama Malbec Old Vines


Dark cherry-red, with violet hues. Fruity aromas of cherries, blackberries and plums with a hint of fine toasted oak.

14% A.B.V

$11/glass  $44/bottle


Alberti 154  Malbec


Dark red, zesty fresh fruit aroma with soft tannins.

14.1% A.B.V

$12/glass  $48/bottle


Light Horse Pinot Noir


Bright Red, mixed fruit flavors of plum and black cherries and subtle hints of vanilla and oak.

13.9% A.B.V

$13/glass  $52/bottle

Don Rodolfo Cabernet Sauvignon


Deep Garnet, rich and full, spicy aromas mixed with dark fruit, cocoa and toasted cedar.

13.1% A.B.V

$8/glass  $32/bottle


Sean Minor Central Coast Chardonnay


Golden straw, aromas of apricot, green apple, honeydew. Flavor has notes of butter green apple and pear on the finish.

13.5% A.B.V

$9/glass  $36/bottle


La Playa Chardonnay


Rich Gold Hay, aromas and flavors of peach, apricot and crisp green apple.

13% A.B.V

$7/glass    $28/bottle

Kiona Vineyards Riesling


Golden straw, highlights of mint, spun sugar and orange peel. Semi-sweet.

12.3% A.B.V

$8/glass   $32/bottle

 Beer Geek Bottle List

 Cuvee De Jacobins Rouge

Flemish sour ale

5.5%    12oz.


Kriek De Jacobins

Flanders red ale blended with fresh cherries juice

4.5% 12oz $9


Clown Shoes Billionaire

English barleywine aged in Cognac barrels

12%    22oz



Kasteel Barista

Belgian Quad with chocolate

4.5%  12oz



Prairie Bomb

Imperial stout w/ coffee, choco- late, vanilla bean and chilies

13%  12oz


Cascade Elderberry 2015

Sour red ale aged with elderberries

7%    750ML



Imperial Biscotti Break

Imperial Stout with coffee, almond and vanilla.

11.5%      16oz


and coffee

11%  750ML



Cascade Apricot 2015

Sour blonde ale  fresh apricots

7.2%    750ML



Old Stock 2014

Old ale aged in whiskey barrels

14.5%  16oz


Everyday Beer Drinkers Bottle List

Prairie Phantasmagoria

Double IPA

8%  12oz



Chocolate Sombrero

Imperial Stout w/ Spices

9%    12oz


Bikini Beer

Session IPA

2.7%    12oz



Molotov Lite

Double IPA

8.5%    16oz


Tap Beers

Citra Sunshine Slacker

Session IPA

4.5%  16oz



Mango Kolsch

American Kolsch w/ mango

5.5%    12oz




Ale brewed with lemon and ginger

4.5%      16oz


Backwoods Bastard 2015

Bourbon barrel aged

Wee Heavy

11.5%  13oz



420 Haze Craze

Juicy New England IPA

6.7%  16oz




Sour Stout

8.5%  13oz


Bourbon Maple Pecan

Bourbon barrel aged Imperial Nut Brown w/ pecans and maple syrup

8.5%  13oz


 Our Spirits

All of our spirits are hand bottled and hand labeled one bottle at a time. If you would like to stock your bar at home we offer all of our spirits for retail. Please  remember :



Fox Hole Hooch

This is a Bourbon mash made up of corn, wheat and barley. We use open top fermentation to allow wild, local yeast and bacteria to sour the mash and give a one of a kind local flavor to our whisky. Hints of corn, oak and green apple make for a great, flavorful, white whisky.



Gladys Gin

This gin is made from our Vodka that is distilled 6 times. Botanicals are added to the gin basket on the 7th distillation. The 7 botanicals we use, highlight bitter juniper and sweet citrus flavors.



Entropy Vodka

Our vodka is 100% corn, Gluten free and kosher. It is distilled 6 times to create a high quality spirit.



Blackstrap Rum

This Rum is made from Caribbean molasses, brown sugar, pure cane sugar and fermented with a cider yeast at high temps to bring fruity esters to the table. A rich nose of molasses, banana, and green apple make for a smooth, white Rum.



Blackstrap Spiced Rum

After our distillation run on our Blackstrap White Rum is done we add spices and oak to the rum, then age for over 3 weeks. This rum has a caramel, butterscotch, cinnamon nose, and flavors of molasses, vanilla and licorice.




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