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Three Rivers proudly sponsors TGIF Summer ’12 Music & Lunch in Orchard Park! Music and Food in the Orchard Park


The Andrews Building was built in 1912 and served as the Farmington Drug store for many years. In 1997, John Silva, Bob and Cindy Beckley opened the Three Rivers Brewery with full awareness of the important role this building had played in this friendly and warm community for most all of the century. This history is a matter of pride with us here at the brewery and something that we will continue. Much of the original decor has been restored and you can see a hundred years of that history on the walls of the Brewery Block.


You will find 3RB at most community events from the annual Riverfest, which celebrates the rivers of the area, (Animas, San Juan & La Plata), to the fundraiser for the Ricketts Park Renovation. Ricketts Park has been the location for the Connie Mack World Series for 48 years straight and counting.

We understand that just as 3RB is part of this community and it is certainly part of us and that there is a responsibility for us to nurture its future.

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