Jesse Gravelle

I grew up west of Cleveland in Elyria Ohio. It was in Elyria at the age of 15 I got my first Kitchen job. I was hired under the table at Gina’s Pizza and Italian Foods, a small local carry-out delivery restaurant. It was the owner, Jim Guidish, who quickly instilled in me a passion for food and taking pride in one’s work. I have been working in kitchen’s ever since.

I moved to Farmington in September of 2000, looking for a fresh start, a new beginning. I had just spent the past 7 years working my way up from the kitchen into restaurant management in a corporate restaurant chain (Friendly’s) and it had drained most of my passion for the business. I knew I needed a change to get that passion back and I knew it wouldn’t be in a corporate chain restaurant. So, I packed up my stuff and moved to the Four Corners and found Three Rivers Brewery and knew immediately it was where I wanted to make that fresh start.

Now, 16 years later here I am and I couldn’t be happier. Three Rivers has become more than just a job for me, it is my family. I have three huge passions in my life and fortunately for me the one has always allowed and provided me the others: Three Rivers, my two daughters (Judy and Katy), and the Grateful Dead. I love what we do, I love that we continue to try and improve, I love that we create from our hearts and from scratch.

We really do take pride in what we do and what we strive to do, yet like all humans we fail from time to time; but we get up, shake it off, and re-invent. If I have my way you will still see me here at Three Rivers in another 16 years, I have no intentions in ever leaving my family, my Home. Experience in kitchens/restaurants: 28 plus years Experience in restaurant management: 22 plus years Awards: New Mexico Restaurant Association Manager of the Year 2015 2009 Customer Service Award from Farmington Convention & Visitors Bureau