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The Restaurant will be open everyday for lunch!

Established in 1997, the Three Rivers Brewery and Eatery is a local favorite. Specializing in craft brews and delicious foods, Three Rivers is the perfect place to gather with friends and family,  to share a meal, and a laugh while admiring the walls adorned with pieces of local history.   

Hours of Operation

Monday through Sunday 11:00am-9:00pm

Closing Hour is Based on Business

We are locally owned and operated and strive to offer a wide variety of delicious and fresh craft beer, unique drinks, and extraordinary food in a fun and inviting atmosphere.  Three Rivers Brewery is the gem of historical downtown Farmington, NM.   This historic building, originally built in 1912, was called the Andrews Building and housed the Farmington Drug Store and Farmington Times-Hustler newspaper.  Thanks to your support, the restaurant was expanded in July 1999, to offer more seating, kids play area, as well as a patio.  The décor features a large array of beer labels and coasters.  Donated by Henry and Margie Glosser, this impressive compilation is the product of over fifty years of collection.  A locally-owned and operated restaurant, proud of our traditional service ethic, Three Rivers Brewery continues to serve you in a fun and historic atmosphere with plenty of our own stories to share.  Ask your server about President Bill Clinton's visit to the area and Three Rivers' efforts to collect on a lunch bill to the White House, or find out how many of our staff have been visited by our resident ghost.  We've also even discovered unique historic artifacts within these walls, that include torrid love letters and 1927 Babe Ruth baseball cards. 

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