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The Three Rivers Lounge will make you feel like you've stepped back in time. With a social club vibe, unique drinks, and old movies playing on the screens. The lounge is a perfect place to disconnect from technology, order from our Restaurant or Pizzeria menus and relax. 


Hours of Operation

Tuesday through Saturday  4:00pm-10:00pm

Closing Hours are Based on Business

In 2015 we decided to add distilling to our operation, which meant we needed an inviting space to share our product. We took our old banquet room and turned it into the lounge. We offer distilled products, guest's beer, wine, and a limited amount of beers from our brewery. The interior is made of recycled materials all from Construction Supply that is no longer in business. The bench seats are built out of World War II bomb boxes, that the lumber yard had used to separate plumbing parts. All the tables are made from doors or metal roofing. The walls are covered in the same metal roofing in addition to oak from old pallets. The bar was handmade by us and covered in old liquor labels under epoxy coating. 90% of all construction materials used to create our lounge are recycled from the lumber yard. We are also proudly displaying the diecast car collection of the late, Don Stiles.  There are over 500 cars throughout the lounge.  Our goal when we designed this space was to create a comfortable adult environment with couches and soft lighting.  All handmade drinks are made with our distilled product, fresh mixes, homemade bitters, and shrubs. We were voted “Best Distillery in New Mexico” by the NM Restaurant Association for 2018! Grab some friends and head down to the Brewstillery where you are sure to love the relaxing atmosphere and the inimitable drinks. 

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