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Chef Jay

Three Rivers Executive Chef
Jeremy “Jay” Gleason, 36, may have grown up in an American Indian home, but he proudly stated that his grandmother and aunts cooked more than just beans and frybread. They inspired in him a deep love for food – a love that led to careers in some of the most esteemed kitchens of the Pacific Northwest. Read More

Jesse Gravelle

Kitchen Manager Three Rivers Brewery, Kitchen Manager Three Rivers Pizzeria, FOH Manager/Server Three Rivers Brewery
I grew up west of Cleveland in Elyria Ohio. It was in Elyria at the age of 15 I got my first Kitchen job. I was hired under the table at Gina’s Pizza and Italian Foods, a small local carry-out delivery restaurant. It was the owner, Jim Guidish, who quickly instilled in me a passion for food and taking pride in one’s work Read More

Austin Jacobs

Assistant Brewer/Slave Boy
29 Years old Austin is a local. He has worked in a number of different areas including the oilfield, delivery driver and grocery stocker, but he has always had a passion for beer. Decided to take his passion to the professional level and joining the Three Rivers Brew team in January 2016. Read More

Brandon Beard

Head Brewer
Brandon was 19 when started working at 3RB 2005 as a dishwasher. He soon moved up to linecook then kitchen manager. His passion for beer grew quickly. He was always bothering the brewers with questions about styles and flavor profiles. He soon left the kitchen to help open 3RP in 2009. Read More

Patrick Liessmann

Assistant Brewer
He first made his living as a line ook and managed various kitchens and restaurants around Farmington. About 5 years ago he and his wife came into a small homebrew supply store and walked out with his first homebrew kit and kettle. He has been hooked on brewing ever since. Read More

Mark Smith

Assistant Brewer
Originally from Minnesota, Mark moved to New Mexico in 1976 to enjoy the great weather. He moved to Farmington in 1977 and made it his permanent home. He has been a patron of Three Rivers Brewery since the day the opened. Read More

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“What care I how time advances? I am drinking ale today.”

-Edgar Allan Poe-



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